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“The Femenine figure in her haughty feature and condimented with a touch of humor, is the protagonist of the exposition “Bronces” that artist Nurit Birnbaum presents in Leo Blasini Gallery. This show exposes the feminine universe, recreated with the cultural significance of the woman born in the daily latin american life.”


El Universal -  Cultura

Martes 21 de abril de 1998.

“…The figures let us know that the artist has a wide perspective, a speech that talks about yet another speech, by virtue of exaggeration. Birnbaum’s art is a well achieved parody with skillful and unrestrained notions of her own… These sculptures are valuable because of their coherence, but mainly because of the semantic field where each body curve, each distempered expression, is part of a popular tragicomedy of a simulation of that other country that surround us.”


Carlos Silva

Caracas, October 2000


Former Director of the Caracas Fine Arts Museum

“……el equilibrio de sus esculturas viene de los conocimientos universitarios, pero la calidez de sus cuerpos es nada más y nada menos que la presencia de la artista que siempre vivió en ella. “


Francia Natera


“…establishes a readable discourse through the cultural meaning of the woman born from our daily Latin-american life. Women that can be all the women. Women that can be all our Geography. Women that are our eyes searching for our essence.”


Gerardo Zavarce

Critico de Arte

Nurit’s  achieves mastery  in three dimensional solutions. It means, her work is conceived to be seen from every angle.

This is the  virtue of the sculptor. Being able  to generate attractions all around the piece. They never loose  their dynamism, their tension, their strength and their natural beauty. We could say observing  Nurit’s women that one of their main appeal is the way  they fill their life: the simplicity of fun, a kite, the play with a child. The informality of the postures reminds us of Zuniga’s work. Fat women, informal dresses, women that however  show their maturity, their sure attitudes, their experience.


Nicolas Acquavella

Director Aquavella Gallery

Birnbaum has captured the simple and sober essence of this provincial woman, her free will showing in her gestures, she lives every moment in full, nothing to flabber her, with the unbeatable human ability to achieve a balance within the imbalance. 

….Birnbaum has managed to grab the real depth of these invincible beings that imposed themselves day to day with their Promethean forces over their fragile social surroundings and life itself. Birnbaum has set a new cannon in sculpture that defines the Caribbean and Venezuelan feminine, a sort of mythic Latin American Venus.


Dr. Milagros Bello

Miami, April 2003

"…..the Venezuelan artist Nurit Birnbaum, who offers this month part of her work at the Galeria Medicci "...... "goes to expressionism, to interpretation and the visual effect of physical balance and movement.The figures support the uniqueness of realistic existence in time, space and behavior. The viewer.... first perceives the intention of the artist to highlight the state of movement and a single point of support of the mass sculpted in frank challenge to space and sense of the state of gravity."


Jesus Hernandez
"The Balance of Durability"
Daily Las Americas.- Miami- Friday July 21, 2002

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